Circus Artist

Tool Box

Discover my circus discipines, my sports, and my music instruments that help me to create and develop myself on stage.

Aerial Straps

Specialist Circus

Formed as an aerial straps specialist, I aspire to a hight technical lever with strength, fluidity and dynanism. Trained by Yury Bozyan and under the advices of Peter James.



High Level Circus

Acrobatic in alls its formes is really stimulating for me, it always been a part of me, as much on stage that in my life. It became natural. Naturally curious and challenger, I'm always the one who whant to try !



Good Level Circus

Juggling was my hobby since my younger age, I'm really confortable with balls, clubs, rebond balls, flaires (bottles), fire, passing etc.

German Wheel

Good Level Cirque

German Wheel use to be my second speciality for two years, under the instruction of Karine Noel at ENACR. Twisting my acrobatics abilities and my naive character, a bit clumsy anf full of humor.


6b/c (France) - V6 (America) Sport

I did climbing and bouldering for many years inside and outside around Fontainbleau (France). Perfect link between, reflection, patience, control and strength, bouldering is one of my favourite activity. You will see me often at Bloc Shop in Montréal, during my days off.


Good Level Sport

During my teenage years, I meet the team named PK75 (DavidBelle) with who I trainned for many years in the streets and roofs of Paris.


Intermediate Music

While I was walking in a street of Bueno Aires, in Argentina. I saw a ukulele through a tony music shop, at this moment I fail in love with this cute little instrument, since this time it always travel with me on tour.


Intermédiaire Music

I start to play guitar in 2014, beside the ukulele to work on more complex pieces of music, I mostly learned at playing around with friends, far away to be musicien, I considerate myself more as a social player.






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Music in the shower